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Custom Steampunk Leatherware and More

Custom Steampunk Leatherware and More‚Äč


Your Visions Can Become My Creations

Do you have an idea for a leather product you have always wanted?

Do you need a piece of real craftsmanship for your costume or just want a personalized product that is not mass produced with cheap materials that will break quickly?

Do you have something that you want to upgrade but are afraid to do it on your own?

At Brassroots Leather, I want to know what you need to make your next Cosplay, or just everyday  better. Whether it be a Leather Accessory, Case, or even Armor. By contacting me, you can guide the  design to match your style. If you prefer to give artistic liberty to make your one of a kind piece, I will share the progress with you as it goes so you can sit back how it gets made either in private, or broadcast via social media to share.

All leather items can be customized.

Just use the form to let me know what you want.

What I Can Offer

  • Pre-design interview to get to understand what you need and how it might look
  • Free estimate of what it will cost and a time frame to complete the item
  • Pre-construction drawings or sketches to let you see what it will look like in the end
  • Progress pictures taken during construction so you can see progress as it comes together
  • Quality craftsmanship
  • All natural materials
  • A long lasting product that you can use for years
  • Assistance in adjusting the piece if needed and repair of existing pieces purchased from us
  • Modular pieces that can be attached to existing costumes
  • Corrections and fixes to existing pieces
  • Re-sizing if things change down the road

Leather Classes

We can provide classes from basic to advanced, show you how to cut, craft, tool, and complete a job. Hourly and project rates can be used. Contact us for times and scheduling.

Leather Products

Check out the Leather Products list, to see what we have made so far and if what you want is there. We will update is as new challenges are brought forth. In the meantime see what we have for sale in our web store, or Etsy Store.

Costume Design

We can help you create a better character, develop a clearer more realistic feel to your persona, assist in designing the perfect costume and/or prop design and how to go about building it all. Contact us for info.

Leather Care

Please go to our Leather Care page and see what you may need to repair, restore, adjust, or renew your leather items - even if it is not a piece we made for you. Contact us if you have any questions.